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9-1-1 Education: 3rd Grade Presentation Request

  1. 3rd Grade 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom Request Form

  2. Thank you for requesting the 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom for your 3rd grade class.  Please fill out this form and include up to three dates and times that work best for you and your class. A member of the 9-1-1 Authority Staff will review your request and reply with an email confirming the date of the presentation. This presentation is 45 minutes. Please schedule one class per presentation. 

  3. Please schedule one presentation per class. Each presentation is 45 minutes. If scheduling multiple classes, please allow time for the instructor to move between classrooms. (5 minutes). 

    ** You can schedule up to four third grade classes using this form. 

  4. Can you provide 60 feet of flat level parking free from overhead obstruction? (on street parking is not permitted)*
  5. If the date/time you requested is unavailable, let us know what alternate dates/times work in your schedule. If you have questions or special requests, you can enter that information here as well.

  6. Terms and Conditions

    The El Paso-Teller County  911 Authority will make every attempt to attend an event that has been approved through the reservation process. However, an event may be canceled with little to no notice in the event of inclement weather, mechanical problems, or staffing priorities because of an emergency.

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