Peak Alerts


Peak Alerts are notifications sent through software called Everbridge, by public safety agencies in El Paso and Teller Counties.  Peak Alerts notify you of emergency situations that are a threat to life or property and are deemed dangerous by public safety officials.  Examples of emergency situations may include but is not limited to, natural or man-made disasters, hazardous materials incidents, missing persons, law enforcement activity impacting the public, evacuation notices, and more.

Peak Alerts notify you of emergencies that happen near your registered address(es) or current location (if you are using the Everbridge app).  To sign-up for these alerts, you must create an account with your contact information to include your address and at least one contact method.  The information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose.  You choose how you want to receive these messages.  Messages can be sent via text, phone call, email, mobile app, fax, and more. When you confirm receipt of a message, the system will stop attempting to contact you. If you do not confirm the message, the system will continue to attempt to reach your other registered contact methods.

It is important to note that during an emergency, you should use as many forms of communication as possible to stay informed.  Stay tuned to news broadcasts, radio stations, social media, websites, weather radios, etc. It is recommended that you signup as an individual rather than a household as notifications will stop once a user confirms receipt of the message. If at any time you feel you are in danger, you should take whatever action you feel is necessary to get yourself to safety.

Everbridge App Opens in new window

Download the Everbridge app to receive push-alerts to your mobile device anytime you travel into an area of an active incident. You can download the Everbridge app from Google Play, Apple App Store or by going to

Once installed, open, and allow notifications. Then search “Peak Alerts” under your profile to login to your existing account.  This will allow you to receive notifications for your registered address and your current location.  To use the app without an account, click the “Explore the Map.”  Make sure to allow Everbridge access to your location services by tapping “Allow” when asked to share location for public alerts. You can check alerts anytime by clicking the “Local” tab and searching the map.Everbridge App Infographic Updated