9-1-1 Mobile Classroom 

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Hands-On Educational Tool

El Paso-Teller County educates thousands of people each year on the appropriate use of 9-1-1. The 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom is a tool that allows us to give participants a hands-on experience allowing them to participate in a simulated emergency, practice getting themselves to safety, and allowing them to practice a 9-1-1 call. The 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom is recommended for ages five and up.

9-1-1 Mobile Classroom Layout

The 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom is divided into two rooms: a kitchen and a bedroom. Participants can use phones in the kitchen, hallway, or bedroom to dial 9-1-1 and practice an emergency phone call.


The bedroom is equipped with a heated/smoking door. Participants can be shown how to block smoke with a towel and how to evacuate safely using the window escape ladder. Smoke detectors add to the realism of the scenario. Participants are taught to:

  • “Get out and Stay Out”
  • Know two ways out of each room
  • Check doors for heat
  • Crawl low below the smoke
  • Get to the safety of the meeting place

The bedroom is also equipped with a cordless phone that allows the participants to practice dialing 9-1-1.


The kitchen is equipped with interactive appliances. Scenarios that take place in the kitchen incorporate digital flames, smoke, and heat to create an element of realism.

  • Oven fire ignite
  • Smoke emits from the oven
  • Fire spreads to stove top
  • Overhead heaters intensify
  • Trashcan next to the stove ignites.
  • Smoke detector sounds.
  • A laser-driven fire extinguisher interacts with the stove and trashcan prop to demonstrate the appropriate use of a fire extinguisher.

The kitchen also has a severe weather package. Participants can learn the difference between a weather watch and warning. After learning the basics of weather safety, the 9-1-1 Mobile Classroom can simulate a tornado to include the sounds of rain, thunder, and high winds. A strobe light behind the curtain also flashes to simulate lightning.